Our Reindeer

The reindeer are our extended family and we take great pride in looking after them. They have very different characters and personalities. They range from the very cute delightful youngsters to magnificent mature bulls.

Our larger reindeer have been trained to pull sleighs and as well as pulling Santa along numerous High Streets and to shopping and garden centres - they did a magnificent job for the Hull Arena at their Christmas on Ice Show. Please do look at the videos on this site.

Our reindeer have a thorough and ongoing training programme. As a result they are always calm at events, they will often lie down and relax while surrounded by an admiring public. They never cease to amaze us and will even travel in lifts with us.

All our reindeer have Scandinavian names; they do have 'stage' names when clients want some of the famous nine who pull Santa's sleigh in film and song.